What? Models on the cover of Vogue!!!

Hi Anyone
    I know this is late but I was so excited and surprised to see MODELS on the cover of the September issue of US Vogue. I don't mind celebrities on the covers but it was a refreshing change to see. The cover featured Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, but also in the fold out featured Arizona Muse, Edie Campbell, Imman Hammam, Fei Fei Sun, Vanessa Axcente, and Andreea Diaconu.

 The magazine called them " Instagirls" and it makes you think about how much the fashion industry changed over the years. Before it was models, models, models, and now its actors and reality TV stars on the covers. The golden age of supermodels are gone, and the new generation are here.

It is a great reminiscence  of the cover in 2004, they gather all the women that were the models of the moment. However the September 2004 cover left me with a bigger impression. During middle school when I was waiting in line with my mother to pay for groceries, fashion magazines started catching my eye. When I saw Giselle Bundchen on the cover, I had to look through it. Honestly I only knew her as Leonardo Dicaprio's girlfriend at the time. Then as I flip through the magazines they were so many beautiful editorials and new ways to wear clothes.  I started becoming obsessing with Daria Werbowy (on the far left of the cover). Yes! Being at the supermarket lead me to Vogue magazine. That's why the most memorable cover for me will always be the 2004 cover.

I am so sorry I didn't post anything for couple months, I had summer school ( I know blah blah excuses puh-lease). I will try my best to post more. 


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