For Her, For Him // Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Christmas Gift Guide // Link Inside

Being a child during the holidays was a simpler time; we just made Christmas cards during class for our family and friends and then we just received gifts on the 25th. Now as we grow older, we have to scurry around the mall trying to think of the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Christmas is next week  so I made a list of practical items that would be perfect for loved ones, and only for $50 and under! 

First things first, think about the person whom you are buying for. What do they normally wear? What kind of style do they emulate? If they like to dress comfortably with a hint of ruggedness, then a flannel would be perfect. Do they have certain hobbies? If they play the drums, show your appreciation and attentiveness with a gift of drum sticks. If you are still stuck, then hopefully the list below will help you out.

For Her

1. Forever 21 Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf ($7): 
Infinity scarves are a winter essential, as it will keep anyone warm and comfortable day or night. Plus it gives that casual outfit a stylish pop. 

2. Urban Outfitters Magical Thinking Tower Glass Box ($28): 
Help your gal organize her accessories in this très chic jewelry storage. The golden brass detailing will add charm to the dresser.  

3. Zara Mini Messenger Bag with Chain ($25.90): 
This simple yet functional purse goes with any outfit. The chain strap will make an ensemble more polished. 

4. Succulent Terrarium Garden Hanging Glass Globe DIY Kit ($27.95): 
How adorable are these little plants? These low maintenance plants adds a green touch to a room that brings a remembrance to spring. 

5. Anthropologie Tiny Blossoms 2016 Planner ($35): 
Get her this pastel planner for her to jot down her plans in the prettiest way possible. This planner features a section for notes to write down ideas or grocery lists. 

For Him

1. Uniqlo Men Sweat Long Sleeve Full-Zip Hoodie ($24.90): 
You can never go wrong with these classic hoodies. Every guy needs one in their closet due to their comfortableness and versatility. 

2. Tri Coastal Designs Clean Shave Gift Set ($19.60): 
This old gentlemen way of shaving not only manliness and sophistication but it is also delivers a close shave. The shaving brush exfoliates which will result in a smoother and easier process. 

3. Crow & Barrow Solid Satin Tie ($20.40): 
Every man needs a tie for his wardrobe albeit for an interview, job, or funeral. A tie is a small but vital piece of a man's attire and there are millions of designs to choose from. You can't go wrong with this simple and classic tie, which can match for any occasion. 

 4. Supr Good Co Slim Wallet ($25): 
Pocket-Friendly and light weighted, these wallets hold true to its name at 3mm. It can comfortably store up to 7 cards. No more awkward bulge in those side pockets. 

5. River Island Tan Belt ($22):
This brown belt is a classic piece of a mature aesthetic look. Belts compliments a guy's look by balancing their outfit.

For Both 

1. XBOOM ($15): 
Have your friends blast their music extra loud or save them from watching a movie with low audio. 

2. Portable Charger ($29): 
Give your pals these lifesavers to rescue them form looking for outlets or plugging them at the awkward places in public. 

3. Luxsure Lens Kit ($15.87): 
Are your friends obsessed with Instagram? This kit includes fish eyed, macro and wide-angle lens that can snap that oh so attractive picture which will garner a lot of hearts. 

4. Zippo Hand Warmer 2011 ($13): 
For your hiking or camping lover friends, keep them warm with these mini heaters. They last up to about half a day which your friend will surely appreciate. 

If any of you have suggestions or have your own list, share them with me in the comments. I hope all of you have a relaxing and safe winter break!!!

why hello there storm


Hello Everyone

Finally this week feels like fall. Thunderstorms, rain, and strong winds made an appearance in Southern California. This means it is time to get out my coats, sweaters, and fuzzy socks. I have miss the smell and the sound of rain so it was a real pleasure to hear the rain drops against the windows. I was greeted real nicely by the weather that I was gifted with the cold. 


 Top: Irene's Story / Bottoms: Levi's / Cardigan: Newlook / Hat: Sole Society / Shoes: Zara

The outfit I wore is still a summer outfit but hey look I added a cardigan. I wore a black tank and denim shorts. This combo was basically my uniform or what I usually wear. Since it was a plain outfit, I added a cardigan that has a lot of texture. Then I paired it with my leather boots and fedora to make the look more fall.

Thank you for reading and leave a comment about daylight saving time, tv shows, or anything!!!

summer fashion diary

 All Photos Credited to qt

Today marks the first day of fall so bye bye summer!!! This summer was filled with ruffles, florals, stripes, and lace. I embraced all sorts of patterns after being inspired by the bohemian festival look from spring. I normally don't wear bold prints or patterns however this summer I just wanted to make my wardrobe a little bit alive. I am curious to see what style I would be decked out next summer. For the mean time here's some of my favorite looks from the summer or aka the outfits I had time to take pictures of heh.

First Outfit

 Dress: H&M / Shoes: Marshalls

This stripe dress is one of my favorite dresses, and it's great to twirl in. I just love how the silhouette is pretty and flirty. I am wearing my sandals that has a mini wedge that gives me a little height.

Second Outfit
 Top: Irene's Story / Bottom: ljcdesigns

These pom-pom shorts are very comfortable and I wore it couple times to sleep in. I match it with my peasant blouse which I accidentally shrunk but it is still wearable. 

Third Outfit

Top: Zara / Bottom: Zara / Shoes: Marshalls

I got my whole outfit from Zara's summer sale, I do tend to get a tad bit crazy during their summer and winter sale. The prices go really low and it's just an amazing deal. 

My top is made up of linen so it was nice to have the breeze go through. I love how the tank has a lot of little details such as the ruffles and the lace at the ends. I wore it with my floral shorts that has a mini ruffle on the waistband.  Then I wore my brown sandals so that my shorts would be the focal point of this outfit.

 I am so sorry I had a huge gap between this and last post. I have no excuses. Thank you so much for reading!!! Leave a comment about anything~

Arts District

All photos credited to Ounsakulseree.
Top+Bottom: ZaraBag: Kate SpadeShoes: Gift from friendSunglasses: Karen Walker
Spring is here~~~

LA's weather is wishy washy again! Therefore, I wore my cozy navy blue sweater and paired it with painted-like floral shorts, so that the outfit suits the winter/spring weather. Thrown in a fuchsia purse that totally gives a pop to the outfit. My shoes were given to me as a birthday gift and to my delight, they are outrageously comfortable! Thank you!

D a i l y   D o s e   C a f e !
Finally arrived at a cafe I've been eyeing for awhile! A few of my favorite fashion bloggers have visited here and I wanted to give it a try. On the way there, my first thought was "Where would you find a cafe around here?" I passed warehouses and factories and barely saw anybody walking around the area. I found the cafe was located in an alleyway and I was surprised about the amount of customers who came to eat today (struggled finding a seat around three in the afternoon). I assumed Daily Dose was one of those hole-in-the-wall places. 

I ordered The Mona Lisa. It was an egg omelette with mushroom inside with side salad and piece of baguette bread smeared with apple sauce. It was delicious and light. However, I recommend The Ace if you want something more savory, breakfast-like. I was terribly hungry when the food arrived; I was salivating and biting my fork, waiting and eyeing my friend who stopped me to take a picture. Give me my food already! >:O

Artists & Fleas
Feeling full after dining at Daily Dose, I took a walk around the Arts District. What a surprise it was! I stumbled upon an art/flea market. There, I witnessed the most hipster thing ever, someone dragged a wagon with a real live pig in it. It was very adorable! (internal squeal, seriously.) 

The market had an eclectic variety of vendors, ranging from books to succulent lovers and hat designers to jewelry designers. Each unique and tasteful in their designs. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to get the names of the all vendors. If anyone recognizes the vendors, please contact me. Here's some pictures from the market.

that face doe.
I said my goodbyes and I made my way to another area some minutes away from where we were before and baaam! I heard the lyrics to "White Christmas" outside. I ventured into a place was called Guerilla Atelier. This suave store had an equally suave owner who greeted me and my friends. This place consisted of just pure art, featuring clothing from designer Chris Gelinas. His style was like something out of a painting.  To our amusement, in the back of the store, there was an art gallery: The Cojones by Artist Knowledge Bennett. It had Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Kanye, P. Diddy, Andy Warhol, and other famous people all dress in suits. 

The day ended at Urth Cafe, where I ordered Earl Grey Boba. Tasty! Overall, I would definitely make the trip again! 

Cheers, J