My First Style Post

Hat, Cardigan, Bag: H&M; Dress: Irene's Story; Shoes: Borrowed from a friend
Shout outs to my best friends for encouraging me and motivating me to blog my fashions!

More photos:

I am working on my pose, I swear!

I've realized posing is not as easy because I have concluded that I have a resting sad face. That's right a RESTING-SAD-FACE. I apologize in advance for future melancholy photos. I give high respects to all fashion bloggers and models. They make it look super easy! I am going to dedicate myself to practice posing everyday and work on those flattering angles.  

Anyways, my dress from Irene's Story consists of patterns. I don't usually wear pattern dresses because I find it too bold for me. This shirt dress was so comfortable from the moment I decided to try it on. It was a steal (~$30)! My golden brown cardigan has proven to be the perfect last minute add-on to throw onto my outfit. When I first bought this cardigan, my mom said it looks like something a grandmother would wear. I have no regrets mom! I love my satchel bag because it's so vintage-like and very affordable. I was very pleased that the shoes matched with it! Thank you!

Cheers, J