summer fashion diary

 All Photos Credited to qt

Today marks the first day of fall so bye bye summer!!! This summer was filled with ruffles, florals, stripes, and lace. I embraced all sorts of patterns after being inspired by the bohemian festival look from spring. I normally don't wear bold prints or patterns however this summer I just wanted to make my wardrobe a little bit alive. I am curious to see what style I would be decked out next summer. For the mean time here's some of my favorite looks from the summer or aka the outfits I had time to take pictures of heh.

First Outfit

 Dress: H&M / Shoes: Marshalls

This stripe dress is one of my favorite dresses, and it's great to twirl in. I just love how the silhouette is pretty and flirty. I am wearing my sandals that has a mini wedge that gives me a little height.

Second Outfit
 Top: Irene's Story / Bottom: ljcdesigns

These pom-pom shorts are very comfortable and I wore it couple times to sleep in. I match it with my peasant blouse which I accidentally shrunk but it is still wearable. 

Third Outfit

Top: Zara / Bottom: Zara / Shoes: Marshalls

I got my whole outfit from Zara's summer sale, I do tend to get a tad bit crazy during their summer and winter sale. The prices go really low and it's just an amazing deal. 

My top is made up of linen so it was nice to have the breeze go through. I love how the tank has a lot of little details such as the ruffles and the lace at the ends. I wore it with my floral shorts that has a mini ruffle on the waistband.  Then I wore my brown sandals so that my shorts would be the focal point of this outfit.

 I am so sorry I had a huge gap between this and last post. I have no excuses. Thank you so much for reading!!! Leave a comment about anything~