An Update and Advice

Hello Everyone

It has been a long while. I am currently drafting, revising, and writing new materials for my blog. I know that I always say oh I will post soon or life has been busy. Yeah I have to stop making excuses. Life has been kicking me in the butt but you just gotta brush it off and get up. I was feeling lost for awhile as to what I wanted to do for the future as in what I truly want and not what the 20s in me was telling me. I am happy that I found my true passion and I won't have any regrets. 

For those of you lost just think about how there's an equilibrium. This is an advice for those who can't leave their current situation or just can't go to an industry that they wish to pursue due to salary issues or just can't. My friend knows a guy who has this mind numbing job. He just checks things off a list but it pays really well. She asked him why does he do this job, if he's so bored out of his mind. He replied with I get to go kayaking every weekend with the money I make. He loves kayaking so much that he doesn't mind having this job. He said the job gives him the means and the time to do what he loves. What I am trying to convey is that if you do not like your job then use your passion to find a way around your job. Find something in your job that you don't mind doing and it can be a compromise.  Or you can just quit your job and actually go into the industry you want to do. It all depends on you. You have to make the best of everything and you can't just sit and hope it would get better if you don't change your mind set or situation. 

I hope that my advice make sense or it got through anyone. 

Also I have exciting news to announce in a week or so. Stay tune!!!

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