Coachella Essentials

These are the list of items I will be bringing to Coachella. It does seem excessive but better safe than sorry.


3. Lip Balm: This would protect my lips from being dry and would soften my lips.
4. Sun Screen: Sunscreen is very crucial and should be in your daily regimen beauty routine. I don't want to turn into a red lobster the next day. 
6. Hand Sanitizer: I am obsess with hand sanitizers; need it to disinfect my hands.
10. Cleansing Wipes: To wipe off any dirt or to wipe away the smudge my mascara would leave off. 
12. Face Mist: This cutie patootie item would moisten my face throughout the day.


8. Shoes: I am going to wear comfortable closed shoes so I can dance and walk all day.
9. Scarf : I heard from some people that there are always sandstorms and it gets into their mouth and eyes. What's a better way to cover your face with a cute scarf.
11. Sunglasses: I need it to protect my eyes from the sun and plus it's a great accessorize to enhance my outfit.
14. Backpack: I am going to wear my mini backpack to store all my items. It is just so comfortable to wear and I won't feel a thing.


1. Portable Charger: I will be taking pictures, snapchatting, and etc. To keep my phone alive throughout the day, this is a must have item.
7. Digital Camera: Can't leave everything to my phone to take pictures. Going to use this camera to capture Kodak moments~


2. Small Card Holder: Rather than bringing a huge wallet, I would take this small card holder to store my cash. I want my backpack to feel light as a feather so this item is perfect.
5. Water Bottle: I would be using my Polyvore water canteen that I luckily won earlier this year. Water is the most important item to have because I gotta stay hydrate to keep up with all the events. The weather would be scorching hot so you have to stay safe with H2O.
13. Band-Aid: I am kind of clumsy so I bring these just cause.

I hope that you guys enjoy reading this. I still can't believe I get to go. I have planned what outfits I will be wearing. It would of been nice to go on a huge shopping spree but I have to stay realistic. I bought an outfit where I can wear it again on the weekends. Also I am gonna work with what I have in my closet. Sorry to disappoint you guys with my boring looks. AHHHH I am so excited. Okay. Bye.

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