Polyvore Community Correspondent / / Yellowgrapes is going to Coachella!!!

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Hello Everyone

I am so happy to announce that I will be attending Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival as a community correspondent for Polyvore. Thank you so much Polyvore for choosing me. I am excited, flabbergasted, and overjoyed. Going to Coachella has been in my bucket list because it's just a place to see all your favorite bands and to see all the cool and crazy fashion. It's also sort of the modern day Woodstock for our generation. I am also anxious and nervous because I wanna do an excellent job of reporting back to the community. I don't want to disappoint anyone, I will try my best to keep updating throughout the day but I heard that the service doesn't work well there due to the high influx of people.

What does a community correspondent do?  I would be your eyes and ears for the event and report back the fashion trends, beauty trends, and etc through all my social media. I think I will be overly excited that it would get messy. So bear with me.

Oh snaps. I have a very important exam of the following week after Coachella so I would be offline for a little bit and after Coachella. Wish me luck. I am trying to get all my studying done but it's so hard when there's so much planning to do.

You can see what I would be doing at Coachella through the links below starting April 15-17.

Instagram: @itsyellowgrapes & @polyvore
Snapchat: polyvore.com
My Polyvore: yellowgrapes.polyvore.com

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