Bill Cunningham

One of my favorite photographers Bill Cunningham passed away. He was a fashion photographer for The Times.  Over the years, he has taken pictures of NYC street styles and models on the runway. His trademark is his French blue workman jacket and his Nikon camera.My young teenage self declared loyalty to Nikon cause of him. Hehe.

“Money’s the cheapest thing. Liberty and freedom is the most expensive”  

I truly admired his dedication to the fashion industry and his talented ability to capture trends through his 35mm lens. I respected him for spending his life doing what he loved.

You guys should watch the documentary Bill Cunningham New York on Netflix.  It shows how humble and passionate he was.  Also you can see why he always sport the blue jacket and its origin.

In the documentary, I love how his apartment has no kitchen but is filled with file cabinets full of his negatives.  He was awarded with prestigious awards, famous people wanted to take pictures with him but he always thought it was nonsense that he was the subject. He just wants to capture the moments. It was always a wish of mine to meet him and take a picture of him.

Below I created a set based on him.

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham by yellowgrapes

Always, thank you for reading.